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Why Edible?

Through Edible’s digital, social, and print channels, we celebrate LA’s rich food and drink culture season by season, community by community.  Our audience of foodies, community activists, media, and trade are the most interested and influential people you can reach.

Our gorgeous quarterly publication promotes the abundance of local foods in Los Angeles County and surrounding communities, plus remarkable destinations around the world. We celebrate the family farmers, food artisans, chefs, markets, policy makers, and many others for their dedication to feeding, educating, and supporting their local communities.

Targeted Demographic & High Visibility

Our thoughtful, concerned readers are exactly the sorts of customers you want.

Edible LA readers are savvy, connected, community-minded individuals with insatiable appetites for food knowledge and know-how. They influence their friends, setting trends in where to shop, eat, drink, what to cook, and where to travel. 

And, frankly, they trust us. They know we are an honest, smart, and thoughtful publication. With a unique, decentralized publishing model, no other magazine devotes editorial exclusively to local foods and food culture. And that makes our advertisers more attractive—in beach cities to the valleys and beyond.

Our readers tell us that they “read the magazine cover to cover—even the ads.” That means more exposure for you.


Because we don’t review restaurants or lean on clickbait or gossipy stories, our readers trust the businesses we write about and the businesses that advertise with us. That means they are more likely to become new customers for you.

“The mission of the Edible publications supports the mission and values of Whole Foods Market. It’s a great fit for our advertising budget, it targets exactly those local residents we want to reach, which makes it highly effective for us.”

Angela Rakis, Whole Foods Market


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