Cookie Round Up

Yes, we know you have a million cookie recipes already, but here’s a savvy collection from all over the continent cooked up by our sister Edible Communities magazines. Tie on your apron and start baking!

Salted Chocolate and Almond Sandwich Cookies

These vegan and gluten-free cookies are a delightful and delicious holiday treat to share with friends and family!

Gingerbread Cookies

These traditional German gingerbread is unexpectedly easy to make. A food processor is essential for grinding the hazelnuts and candied peels into a fine texture.

Sugary Sugar Cookies

Morgan Webber of The Sugary Cookie worked hard to create an iced cookie that was soft, with a unique almond flavor and icing that easy and enjoyable to bite through.

Chocolate Pistachio Sables

This recipe, by Stacy Blair, is one of her very favourite cookie recipes. She makes it every fall and through the holidays, or sometimes just to satisfy a mid-afternoon craving.

Salted Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

To make these cookies vegan, simply replace the eggs with an equivalent amount of Just Egg or Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer.

Eggnog Cookies

These holiday cookies are sure to delight your guests with their lightweight texture and dollop of eggnog custard on top.

Linzer Cookies

This buttery sandwich cookie is a winner. Hazelnuts, jam and orange zest create a wintry symphony that is sure to delight at your next holiday gathering.

Toasted Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’re huge fans of Sarah Kieffer’s pan-banging cookie recipes and are thrilled to share Toasted Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies from her new book, 100 Cookies: The Baking Book For Every Kitchen.

Blueberry Jam Streusel Cookies

The way the recipe is written, the cookies remain doughy in the center, but if that’s not your preference, bake the cookies for a minute or two longer.

Holiday Spice Cookies

These cookies are the perfect pairing for any celebration. 1 batch created two dozen, but can easily be doubled to make enough for the entire party.

Pumpkin Chai Pistachio Macarons

These delicate sandwich cookies make for a delicious holiday treat. You can even freeze them to last through the New Year —if you can keep yourself from eating them all in one sitting!

Lavender Pistachio Linzer Cookies

Pistachios are my favorite nut to use in baking. Besides imparting the most beautiful green color, pistachios add a unique sweetness and toasty flavor to any cookie or cake.

Maple Thyme Shortbread

Shortbread, with its buttery richness, is a prime candidate for maple syrup. The addition of thyme in this recipe adds an earthy, savory undertone to the butter and syrup. Serve with hot tea.

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

These shortbread cookies are the perfect blend of savory & sweet. Use fresh rosemary for a stronger flavor.

Stained Glass Cookies

These sugar cookies are easy to prepare and sure to impress your guests on any occasion.

Forest Pine Nut Cookies

These delicious cookies are a fan favorite with their nutty notes and crisp exterior.

Mint Cream Wafers

These sugar wafer cookies are filled with a delicious mint cream.

Alfajores (Dulce de Leche)

This recipe by Susan Butler was the 2018 winner at the annual Edible Houston Cookie Exchange. And now you can bake them at home!

Almond Mantecados

Mantecados are a Spanish Christmas cookie made with pork fat. I learned that pork fat is just a delicious substitute for butter or oil in a regular cookie recipe and it makes sugar and flour so much more delightful.

Vegan Cardamom Orange Pecan Cookies

Make these cookies once and you will discover that butter, eggs and milk are not prerequisites in the creation of amazingly delicious baked goods.

This fall recipe was inspired by Chef Sean Sherman and his new cookbook, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen.

Gluten-Free Vegan Oat & Coconut Cookies

These sweet treats are naturally vegan and gluten-free, so they can be baked for a crunchy cookie perfect for dunking in coffee, or eaten raw for a chewier textured snack.

Vegan & Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Our flavorful peanut butter cookies will melt in your mouth. Both vegan and gluten free, what’s not to love?

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