Food Waste Prevention Week Begins in California


Today, March 5th, marks the beginning of California's first official Food Waste Prevention Week in an attempt to bring awareness to the staggering amount of food waste that occurs not only statewide but across the nation as well.  

Wasted food means wasted water, wasted gas, and so much wasted money and effort in growing, processing, and transporting food across the nation. According to the Public Health Institute, the United States wastes up to 40% of its total food supply and, in contrast, roughly 1 in 8 Californians are experiencing hunger—1 in 5 of those being children. 

Throughout this week, there are a number of small steps we can all take to begin to fight this terrible habit of squandering precious food. Remember that every scrap of food wasted in the kitchen could make up a meal for someone in need. 

Here are some helpful food waste prevention resources to get this week going strong:

WASTED: Food Waste Gets the Respect it Deserves from our Summer 2017 issue. 

Waste Free Kitchen Handbook by Dana Gunders, Chronicle Books, 2015

Save the Food Campaign

Public Health Alliance of Southern California 

Natural Resources Defense Council 

United States Environmental Protection Agency