Matcha Matcha Matcha: Some Of Our Favorite Treats in LA

This old-world green tea powder is trendier than ever, brightening up our social media feeds day after day, and we’re including a small list of some our favorite ways to enjoy it around LA. Do you have a favorite treat that we missed? Show us on Instagram @ediblelamag!

Illustrations by Jeremy Dellarosa


This ritzy Brentwood steakhouse has a surprising digestivo: tableside matcha tea service. A server wheels a cart over to the table and prepares the drink very traditionally, hopefully to aid in digestion after a heavy meal.


Mr. Holmes certainly never disappoints in the indulgence or flavor department and their plain croissant dipped in matcha and white chocolate is no exception, though this is one of the more mellow flavors on the menu.


The green tea donut here is legendary by now and certainly their most popular item—and for good reason. Filled with a thick vanilla custard and just a hint of green tea, it goes so well with a Vietnamese iced coffee.

Café Dulcé
Little Tokyo


Buttery, with the perfect amount of matcha to not be overwhelming. These are small, making them the perfect little afternoon bite to pair with an almond milk matcha latte for a little afternoon pick-me-up.

Matcha Box
Beverly Grove


Located inside the famed Mitsuwa Marketplace in Santa Monica, Hamada-Ya serves a number of delicious treats, but their matcha soft serve is simple and refreshing on any sunny Los Angeles day.


MatchaBar is certainly known for their iced matcha drinks—like rose, mint, CBD honey—but they also serve complementary bites and baked goods from Gjusta Bakery, like their signature matcha mochi, a must-buy when you can grab them.

Silver Lake


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