Seasonal RecipesAmaranth Marigold Buñuelos

Buñuelos are a festive dessert that comes together so quickly! Amaranth and marigold combine to make the dough golden, tart, and floral. If you can’t find marigolds, use a flower of your choice. It is so fun to watch them puff and bubble in the oil. You can serve them “dry,” tossed in sugar, or “wet,” drenched in syrup. I like them best dry, tossed in more marigold sugar. I live for biting into them fast and hard to shatter them into a million pieces. Fry and stack them high for a showstopper presentation. Beloved by all ages, they turn any day into a party! The dough keeps for 2 days, wrapped tightly, in your fridge. Buñuelos are best eaten on the same day as they’re made. They are naturally vegan.

Rose Wilde
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