Kaukasis: Zahir's Stoned Chicken

Chef Zahir is one of the most-friendly yet serious chefs I have ever met. He has worked at Xanlar, a restaurant in the city of Qebele in Azerbaijan, since he was 14 years old. Zahir’s boss was determined to re-create a truly ancient method of cooking meat, whereby two heavy stones were heated and a piece of meat or vegetables with essential kurdyuk fat (see page 232) were squashed between the stones

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Cheerful Cynar: Cocktail Recipes

Cynar (pronounced "CHEE-nar") is an Italian bittersweet liqueur, or amaro, made from many different plants but is made mostly from artichokes! Sure, you could try your hand at making your own artichoke liqueur at home, but the existing concoction is pretty near perfection if you ask us. Grab a bottle and shake (or stir) these up tonight!

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